Workload Woes (But Not Really)

Week two of grad school came out swinging, and it feels like assignments are just being doled out left and right. To say I'm not at least a little stressed out would be a lie, but it's a good kind of stress I suppose (if it's even a thing). It's less about the type of work, just more about the magnitude. I'm excited about all of the work we get to do, I'm just more concerned with doing it properly! The three classes I'm taking this semester are:

1. HISTORY 9806 - Understanding Archives in the Digital Age

2. HISTORY 9800 - Public History: Theory, History and Practice

3. HISTORY 9808 - Digital Public History

For 9806, our first assignment was one of three exercises that we're going to be doing over the duration of the course. It was a geneaology exercise, tasked with finding out information about someone's family in Simcoe County, Ontario. Having worked in an archival setting before, I'm no stranger to looking for genealogical requests, just not in this context. After some general confusion on my part and doing the whole thing twice, I think I finally figured it out. We'll see, however.

The project in 9800 is a big one, we're working with the London Advisory Committee on Heritage (LACH) to do a report on a property to decide whether or not it should recieve heritage designation. This one is kind of intimidating, as our work could have real world applications and it culminates with a presentation to the LACH board! Everyone in class had to pick a different property and we're all doing individual reports. This is going to be challenging but I think it's one I'm up to.

Lastly, for 9808 our first project is to create a podcast. This is something I've never done before. I'm an avid podcast listener, but honestly none of them are history related (I'm more of a Welcome to Nightvale kind of person). I'm really excited about creating the content for this one, but not so much about hearing my own voice recorded (I'm annoying enough speaking "live", much less recorded back and stored on the internet for everyone to hear). Our final assignment for 9808 is to explore a digital technology and apply it to public history, and I'm thinking I might be able to tie the subject matter of both my podcast and the technology assignment together, but only time will tell.

There's also the blogging aspect, but I'm hoping that over time this will become easier and be second nature, rather than me just rambling into the void like I've done this whole time.

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